Professional steel and metal processing

Who we are

We specialise in the manufacture of steel components and offer comprehensive metalworking services.

Through the use of modern machinery, our company provides high-quality laser cutting, bending and welding services. We are characterised by full commitment, flexibility and punctuality towards the customer.


Laser cutting

Sheet metal bending

MIG, MAG welding

Locksmith services


Steel processing - professional and comprehensive services

We are specialists with a focus on efficient and safe metalworking. Our work is based on sound technical knowledge of materials and a wide range of skills. We take an individual approach to our customers, providing them with services of the highest standard. We have a modern high-tech machine park at our disposal, which enables us to provide high-quality, precise metalworking.

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Metalworking - a company to meet expectations


Machining stainless steel or aluminium requires commitment, meticulousness and focus, all of which characterise us, influencing the quality of the results obtained. We are distinguished by our flexibility and timely approach to our customers, which is appreciated and translates into quality cooperation.


Our team is made up of qualified people with a passion for the profession, who are guided in their work by safety principles and current industry regulations. We are committed to regular development so that we can provide the highest level of service at all times.

Precision metalworking - why us?

Our company offers professional welding services distinguished by the accuracy and comfort of the resulting parts. We are convinced that by entrusting us with metal processing, the customer will gain confidence in the effectiveness of the process. We are committed to ensuring that the results of our work satisfy our customers, which is why we use various welding methods, but also a number of other equally important services that we provide in a comprehensive manner.

Metalworking - why go for it?

Precision metalworking is a service that enables the material to be carefully customised. It is an extremely versatile and practical solution that is worth opting for in order to achieve a tangible change to a range of metals. Thanks to our experience, extensive knowledge, skills and tools, we know how to handle the materials entrusted into our hands. Working with us means not only a friendly atmosphere, but also professionalism, knowledge of the market and metalworking techniques. Appropriate action allows a specific material to be permanently prepared for further use.

Our work requires technical knowledge of the properties of the materials concerned and high-quality equipment to achieve the desired shapes. The production of steel components offered by us is a guarantee of reliability, care and flexibility, which is welcomed by those involved.

Laser cutting

We provide sheet metal cutting services using the laser method.
We have two Mazak laser cutting machines:
working area - 3000×1500
cutting range:
a) black steel - 25mm
b) stainless steel - 25mm
c) aluminium - 25mm
(d) copper - 10mm
e) brass - 12mm
Laser cutting is a very popular service. It allows the precise shape of the sheet metal to be obtained and guarantees great repeatability. And these are just some of the advantages of this solution. If you are looking for a professional company offering laser sheet metal cutting, we invite you to take a look at our offer.