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Material processing is an absolutely essential process in many industries. It is what gives raw parts their proper shape and form. Over the years, mankind has developed and perfected many methods of processing materials using various tools. Among these are modern methods such as laser Fiber. This is a completely revolutionary solution that has transformed the market for laser technology of various types.

We are well aware of the results that can be provided by such modern technology as the Fiber laser. That is why we have decided to extend our offer with a cutting service using this solution. We invite all interested parties to familiarise themselves with our proposals.

Fiber technology - laser cutting with masterful precision

A fibre laser - for that is what a Fiber laser is - is a type of laser in which a special optical fibre enriched with rare earth elements acts as the active amplification medium. The technology allows for improved beam precision and more, making it an incredibly useful tool for processing metallic materials and much more.

Fiber laser cutting - characteristics

Fiber is an extremely precise technology that enables fast and dynamic cutting in thin sheets. It is even faster than the CO2and more precise, making it a better choice for some applications than other solutions available on the market.

Furthermore, unlike lasers using CO2 is significantly more energy efficient. This means that it generates much less heat, achieving the same or better results. To maintain the power of the laser, the beam is more concentrated and shorter, which are also features of this type of technology.

Fiber laser cutting - price

Many people are interested in how much fibre laser cutting costs. The costing of such services is always done on an individual basis, as each order is different and the ordered products have different dimensions and the customer needs a different number of them. For this reason, it is not possible to establish a fixed price list. Instead, the final price is determined at the order placement stage.

Laser Fiber - opinions

Many of our existing customers are very satisfied with the service we have provided, praising the quality of the work and the speed of delivery in their feedback. In addition, some of them emphasise that the effect of the specialists' work can be seen very clearly. For all these reasons, it is definitely worth trusting us in this area.

Laser cutting - Trust the professionals

Our company has been on the market for a long time, consistently providing customers with the highest possible level of service. We go to great lengths to provide the most perfect service and the most refined products possible.

You are more than welcome to contact us to discuss the details of our cooperation and provide a final quotation.