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There are many methods for machining different types of hard materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and can be used for different purposes. Among the most popular are, of course, all machining methods by cutting and machining, which are now widely used by many companies in the market.

This group also includes CO laser cutting.2which is an absolutely unique and distinctive cutting method. By using a laser beam, products made from a variety of materials can be achieved with great precision and accuracy.

As specialists, we are well aware that these two issues, combined with 100% product repeatability, are a key concern for many businesses. This is why we have decided to add CO laser cutting services to our offer.2. We warmly invite anyone interested to take a look at this and many other proposals.

CO laser cutting2 - what are the characteristics of this technique?

As the name suggests - this technique uses carbon dioxide. The laser beam is generated in its centre and offers the possibility of cutting a wide variety of materials. Very importantly, the heat-affected zone is extremely reduced, which distinguishes this particular laser technology from others. This results in much less material loss.

On top of this, really narrow slots can be made in the material to be cut with this laser, thereby achieving precisely cut objects.

CO laser cutting2 - rates

One of the issues of interest to those wishing to use this service is, of course, how much such precision trimming will cost. We are professionals and know that it is impossible to set a hard price list for this type of service.

The amount to be paid for the implementation of CO laser cutting.2is calculated for each individual client. Thanks to individual pricing, you can adapt the service and its execution to your financial possibilities, among other things.

Opinions on CO laser cutting2

Those who have already decided to use this service are very satisfied with the results we have provided them with. Many of our previous customers have given us positive feedback, in which they praise the high quality of the cut-outs, as well as our speed. On top of this, some people also point out that the contact with them was excellent and the whole order was delivered promptly.

Why trust us?

We have been operating in the market for many years now, constantly providing customers with access to very good quality services in the field of laser material processing and more. We have a great deal of experience, knowledge, skills and all the tools. This is because all of these elements are necessary to carry out a service of this nature in a fully professional yet fast manner.

We warmly invite all those interested to contact us. During the conversation, we will present the details of our activities and the proposed price for the execution of the entire order.