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The processing of specific materials (especially those that are strong and not very flexible) requires the use of special techniques that are able to produce the desired result. One of these is laser cutting. Leszno is a city where this type of machining can also be used on a large scale. It consists of cutting or splitting the material using a concentrated laser light beam.

Large-scale laser cutting services in Leszno are used because of the needs of industry or craftsmen. Accurate laser operation is also used in laboratories, where high precision is required.

It is precision that best defines our work. We are precise and conscientious because we know that the processing method we use makes this possible. There is currently no other technique that can match laser cutting in terms of accuracy. Leszno is a city that is home to many companies that use a wide variety of materials on a daily basis. In turn, our considerable experience allows us to carry out orders at the request of many business customers.

Laser cutting, Leszno - perfect precision

Large-scale laser cutting in Leszno is used primarily in metalworking. This is hardly surprising, especially considering how specific this material is. It is used in many areas of the economy because of its high strength. On the one hand, this is an advantage, but on the other hand, it brings additional difficulties during processing. Metal parts are resistant to traditional methods, and the problem becomes even more acute if very small parts are to be cut out. In such situations, the only sure solution becomes the use of laser cutting services in Leszno.

The concentrated laser beam is very thin and can therefore precisely cut out specific shapes. The processing method is, of course, determined individually with the customer, as the work result must correspond to the initial assumptions. Thanks to the use of modern laser cutting technology in Leszno, we are able to produce even complex cut-outs, consisting of many small parts. Such effects cannot be achieved by other methods.

Leszno - laser cutting at the highest level

State-of-the-art laser cutting technology in Leszno makes it possible to cut metal accurately and precisely, regardless of thickness or shape, and minimises the need to plan further processing.

Laser cutting itself is a multi-stage process. Therefore, it must be carried out with great attention to detail. It all starts with the preparation of the material, which is placed on the work surface of a special machine designed for laser cutting. A computer programme then controls the movement of the table, which moves the metal along the X and Y axes, while the laser head moves along the Z axis, thereby cutting through the material.

The laser head is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical system, which makes it possible to focus the laser light beam on a small area of metal, causing it to heat up and melt. This produces a perfectly clean and smooth cut line during laser cutting in Leszno - free of scratches, bends or other defects.

Laser cutting services, Leszno - modern material processing

Laser cutting in Leszno is a very common metalworking technique of choice because it offers reproducible, identical results. This is particularly useful when producing many of the same components. At the same time, the laser cutting process is very fast, allowing for increased production efficiency and a reduction in the time needed to complete the service from start to finish.

During laser cutting, we can also minimise material waste, as the beam precisely cuts only the necessary fragments. The high level of automation in the process means that there is no room for unnecessary errors or deviations within our work.