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We are an experienced and rapidly growing company that offers comprehensive solutions for sheet metal or pipe processing. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machines and qualified employees, we are able to ensure the high quality and precision of our laser cutting services in Poznan.

Laser cutting, Poznań - precision at the highest level

The proposed laser cutting services in Poznań are not only fast and efficient. Above all, our work is characterised by the highest level of precision. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we are able to perform laser cutting in Poznań on sheets and pipes of various thicknesses or shapes. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we guarantee full satisfaction with the services provided.

Poznan, laser cutting - saving time and money

Compared to traditional cutting methods, the use of lasers is much more efficient and involves greater savings. Our machines are equipped with the latest control systems to minimise material waste and reduce service times.

Laser cutting, Poznań - accuracy and repeatability

The machines we have at our disposal maintain precision to hundredths of a millimetre, allowing for accurate and repeatable parts. Our laser cutting services in Poznań are ideal for the production of parts that require a perfect fit. Regardless of the number of components ordered, each one will be identical in size and shape.

Laser cutting services, Poznan - variety of materials

Laser cutting in Poznań is not reserved for just one type of material. Our machines allow us to process a variety of raw materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc. This makes our services versatile and can be used in many industries.

Laser cutting, Poznan - personalised service

We are flexible and adapt our laser cutting services in Poznań to the individual needs of the customer. We work with companies with different business profiles, and we prepare an individual offer for each of them.

We are happy to advise on the best technical parameters, such as material thickness or application-specific requirements.

Laser cutting - high-tech Poznań

At TSK THIEL, we use the latest technology, which allows us to offer laser cutting services in Poznan at the highest level. Our machines are equipped with systems that ensure precise processing without damaging the material. In addition, the machines allow us to carry out cutting at different angles, which further expands our production possibilities.

Poznan, laser cutting - fast order processing

We are aware that time is of the essence for customers. That's why we strive to complete orders for laser cutting in Poznan in the shortest possible time. Our machines are able to process large amounts of material at a fast pace, allowing us to reduce working time.

Laser cutting services, Poznan - customer cooperation

Our company focuses on fruitful cooperation with the customer. The presented laser cutting services in Poznań are provided on an individual basis, and we treat subsequent projects as a priority. We try to listen to the needs of each customer and adapt the proposed offer to the requirements. We are open to suggestions and tips, which allows us to constantly improve the quality of our services.

Laser cutting, Poznan - why choose us?

Anyone looking for precise and fast laser cutting in Poznan should take advantage of our offer - TSK THIEL is the right choice. The proposed services are provided with the utmost care and precision, which guarantees customer satisfaction.

It is worth seeing for yourself how professionally we perform our work, which is also our passion. We invite you to take a look at our offer for laser cutting in Poznań and to get in touch with us.