TIG welding

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TIG welding

Welding is a multi-step technique that involves the precise joining of individual parts by applying heat energy. There are many methods within this technique. For several years, a variant of TIG (TIG. Tungsten Inert Gas).

Our company offers comprehensive welding services using just this method. We have many years of experience, as well as qualified welders who carry out services in a meticulous, timely and professional manner.

What is the process like with TIG welding?

The TIG welding technique is sometimes referred to as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). It is based primarily on the use of a so-called welding arc, occurring between the material to be treated and an infusible electrode. The entire TIG welding process requires the implementation of a protective gas (usually helium or argon). It is this that protects the non-fusible electrode from a possible oxidation reaction.

The undeniable advantage of this is the high quality of the welded joints. TIG welding technique is also characterised by a high level of precision. The person responsible for carrying out the service has a high degree of control over the entire process. However, it is worth noting that the result depends largely on the ability and professionalism of the welder. This is why choosing the right service provider is so important.

TIG welding - price

The TIG welding technique gives great control over the weld pool and the amount of heat used. The price for the service is set individually. Much depends on the thickness and type of material to be treated. The pricing will vary depending on whether we are dealing with black steel, stainless steel or aluminium, for example.

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TIG welding technology - consumer reviews

It is important to know that TIG welding makes it possible to work even on very thin sheets (from about 0.5 mm). If you have any doubts as to whether this technique will be suitable, we encourage you to take advantage of our professional advice.

The high quality of our TIG welding services is confirmed by the opinions of hundreds of satisfied customers. Consumers value us for our individual approach, fast service delivery and professionalism. We look forward to doing business with you!