MIG, MAG welding

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MIG, MAG welding

  • structural steels
  • stainless steels
  • aluminium

Welding is a very popular method of joining metals. It has been used in heavy and medium industry for many years. Today, there are many methods within this technique, but few are as effective as MIG-MAG.

This method is characterised by extremely high productivity and is easy to apply. This is what makes MIG-MAG very popular all over the world. By using this method of joining materials, our company guarantees the highest professionalism and an individual approach to each order.

MIG-MAG welding methods - where does it find use?

MIG-MAG welding is one of the most widely used methods worldwide. However, it should be remembered that it requires the use of appropriate, fully professional welding tools and the skill of the welder.

Any customer who turns to our company can be sure that both of these conditions will be met. Both MIG and MAG are used primarily in process lines and assembly work.

MIG-MAG methods are used in automatic and semi-automatic welding. Nowadays, the technique is used both in repair shops and in batch production facilities, e.g. for pressure vessels, ships and vessels, steel structures, rolling stock or cars.

The biggest advantages of MIG-MAG welding include very good weld quality, high productivity, as well as the possibility of automating the process.

MIG-MAG welding methods - advantages

Many people may wonder why you should opt for MIG-MAG welding. First of all, it is an extremely versatile technique. It can join different metals and their alloys in almost all positions.

This method is also characterised by very high productivity, which is much higher than, for example, in the case of covered electrodes. It is worth mentioning that MIG-MAG also means a lower cost of welding consumables, which will certainly convince many customers.

MIG-MAG welding - why us?

Using the MIG-MAG welding method, our company has gained the approval of many people. The top quality of the joints is confirmed above all by the numerous opinions left by customers. They particularly draw attention to the very high productivity and the extremely individual approach to each order.

It is also worth mentioning that our services are available at an extremely competitive and very favourable price, which will certainly convince even the most demanding customer.